Dos and Don’ts of Coworking Space

Dos and Don’ts of Coworking Space

This world is a world of options. We don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and drag ourselves to work anymore. There are the options of working as a freelancer or working remotely. These options are created to make life easier and more flexible. This is where coworking spaces come in. 

Working in a coworking space comes with many perks. The chance to see and work with experts from many different fields, the many facilities that coworking spaces leave t your disposal, and the reason to get up and get out of the house are just a few of the benefits of choosing to work at a coworking space. 

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is basically a community you choose to be a part of: a space in which you can work and thrive away from the company you work with and the people who contribute to your success. Using a coworking space, people can choose where they want to live without professional or monitory considerations. 

So just like any other shared space or community, there are written and unwritten rules that must be followed. You need to learn the culture of coworking spaces before committing yourself to one. More importantly, you need to learn to consider other people’s comfort and feeling as you work in such close proximity to them. 

What to do when using a coworking space? 

Sanitize your space before and after using it

Sanitizing hands and surfaces has almost become second nature to us since the pandemic hit in 2020. This requirement of the new world needs to be fulfilled every day to the fullest. Otherwise, you might risk getting yourself and your family sick. 

Make it a habit of yours to sanitize your desk and all the working surfaces before and after starting your working day. If you have a fixed working space, it helps to keep the sanitizer and enough wipes in your desk drawer. 

Keep to the schedule of the facility 

Every place has its own rules about the starting and finishing times. Although your working hours are flexible, you still need to adhere to the times the managers of the facility decide to open and close the place. You need to keep in mind that the working day lasts for 8 hours and you cannot arrive at a particular time and expect to stay longer to cover your eight hours. 

Respect other people’s privacy and personal space

The point of a coworking space is that you go there to work without any interruptions. It’s true that people need a period of rest after a span of intense concentration.  However, your break times might not be the same as other people’s. 

Also, approaching and talking to other people in the coworking space creates a nice change of pace for you. But it also distracts many other people from their work and makes them lose their concentration. If you need a chat with someone else, you can use the cafeteria and other recreational spaces provided for you. 

Put your phone and other devices on silent

There is nothing more annoying than the ding of a phone or the sudden sound of a video. So you need to do two things: first, make sure that all your devices are put on silent settings before entering the coworking center. The sound of notifications not only puts you off your work and gives you a sudden urge to check your phone and engage in social media, but it also distracts other people from their work and tempts them to check their phones too. 

The second thing you need to do is make sure that your headphones are connected before you start playing a loud video or music. Disconnected earbuds can fool you into thinking that only you will hear the voice. However, a simple check can help you prevent the embarrassment and angry glares from the other users of the coworking space. 


Although talking to people is prohibited in the working area, one of the points of using a coworking space is to get to know people in other areas of expertise. The coworking space is a fantastic place where you can find people in all wakes of life and different fields of study. Having such connections not only makes your life more meaningful but also helps you in situations when you need a referral or to outsource a project. 

What to do when using a coworking space? 

Do not eat at your desk

It’s always tempting to have a bowl of peanuts handy when you are working. However, think about the annoying sounds chewing makes and how distracting it is for other people. Also, the smell of most foods is disgusting for people who aren’t eating them and are probably hungry and craving food. 

Most coworking facilities have kitchens and cafeterias in which you can eat and drink. So even if you cannot eat at your desk like you’d want to, you can have a conversation along with your snack. These conversations hopefully lead to friendships and also business partnerships. 

Do not make a mess

There are two types of people in this world. First, there are the ones who need everything to be clean and tidy to be able to concentrate on their work. These people would go crazy if a crumpled piece of paper is on their desk. Second, there are the people who thrive in chaos and don’t want to spend their time cleaning and prefer to leave the mess where it is. 

Unfortunately for the second group, the general policy agrees with the first group. You need to leave everything as clean as you found it. So make sure to leave your trash out and whip surfaces. 

Do not have conversations at your desk

Whether it is a phone conversation with your mom about the latest family gossip or a formal meeting with your coworkers to strategize about the next month’s project, phone conversations disturb people who are not a part of them. 

In order to keep your coworker happy and busy, you need to make your phone calls and video meetings somewhere that’s out of the earshot of everyone. Most coworking spaces have conference rooms and quiet rooms where you can hold your conversations. Try to use those to create the least amount of distraction for others.

Do not try to sell your coworkers anything

The occasional suggestion of goods and services that your firm offers is fine. However, it’s not ok to give your coworkers the “sales pitch” whenever you can. This makes you lose respect among your coworkers in time. It also loses you the connections you have gained in the coworking space.

What’s more, when people think that you are trying to sell them something, it creates an awkward situation where no one is comfortable working. A coworking space needs to be safe and fun, somewhere you can have free and professional conversations instead of resisting sales.

Do not invade anybody’s privacy

Peeking into your coworkers’ desktop might be fun, but it also is intrusive and invasive. One of the essential requirements of working in a coworking space is respecting others’ privacy. But this is not all. 

Respecting privacy also means not asking too many questions about the work and personal lives of others, not following coworkers on social media if they do not want to, and not intruding in a private conversation someone is having on the phone. All these are the factors that make you a pleasant coworker. 

Final thoughts 

Working in a coworking space in peace and quiet always entails respecting and following written and unwritten rules of working in a community. The more you obey these rules, the better your relationship would be with your coworkers and the happier your coworker hours would become. 

However, all in all, these are the rules that anybody should follow in any community they want to thrive in. the community in question could be your apartment building, your office at work, your dormitory room, and any other place you plan to live and work a long time. 

Working with a variety of experts, using facilities that coworking spaces offer, and getting out of the house are just a few coworking perks.
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