Reasons to Use Coworking Space

Reasons to Use Coworking Space

Gone are the days that you had to work for a company in your city or even move because of a job opportunity. There are so many options available to us that we can pick a city or country we would like to live in and then start working there! How? Well, you can work as a freelancer. Or you can be part of a company across the globe and work remotely. 

Anyone who has experienced this kind of work can tell you its pros and cons. And there are many that cannot cope with the mundane of being at home all the time. This is where coworking spaces come in: a place where you can reserve a desk or a whole office for a monthly fee. These spaces usually come with a host of other facilities around them to make your stay and work so much more enjoyable. What’s more, many people choose to find the nearest coworking space just to have a reason to get out of the house every morning. All in all, using a shared office space has several benefits we will read about in the following paragraphs. 

The game-changing benefits of using a coworking space

A coworking space will keep you moving

One of the benefits of working in a shared space is that you get to see people as motivated and energetic as you are. This is a massive advantage over working at home because keeping yourself motivated usually takes a lot of time and energy. The vibrant and professional atmosphere of coworking spaces will keep your eyes open and your mind sharp throughout the working day.

Now imagine a large number of people involved in various professional activities. You just keep working on your projects without feeling that you have to take a break in such a place. What’s more, in such a space you usually try to synchronize your breaks with other people’s to get a chance to socialize with them. This means giving your brain more order and allowing it to work more efficiently. 

Finally, many people are still used to the traditional office, and the mere act of dressing for the day motivates them. Sometimes you need a reason to get out of bed in the morning and dress up for the day. The prospect of seeing your friends in the coworking space can be reason enough. 

It helps you manage the work-life balance 

When you work at home, you tend to lose track of time. Once you open your eyes, you see that the day is over and you have done nothing but work. Waking up in the morning and going to the coworking space helps you draw a framework for your life. This way, you’d know when is the time to work and when to walk the dog and play with the kids. 

There is also the matter of not accepting too many responsibilities because you think you have all the time in the world. A shared workspace allows you to allocate 8 hours of your day to work and then move on to other activities. You’d also have a better quality of sleep because the place you have to tackle work problems is not the same place you sleep. 

There are facilities such as a café and gym that help you unwind

You need to have a short break at regular intervals (usually every 20 minutes) to work more efficiently. This break could be a cup of coffee, a walk in the garden, or a chat with other people. When working at home, it takes too much time to make coffee or snacks. 

In a shared working space, there is always fresh coffee and snacks. There are other recreational facilities as well. You can do a quick workout; you can walk around while concentrating on a problem, or you can play games. Or you can simply take your laptop outside and enjoy the sunny lawn while you are working. The possibilities are so various that you might not even feel tired after 8 hours of work. Of course, it all depends on the quality of service that the coworking space has provided its customers. You might want to make an inquiry before choosing a specific facility. 

You can form connections with people in similar industries 

Working at home can become isolating after some time. However, in a shared workspace, there is always the possibility of finding a mind that works like yours. Getting to know people from different industries can expand your mind and change your perspective. 

The connections made in shared workspaces can also be helpful if you are looking to start a new project or need someone to do a part of your project. When you have regular contact with experts from different fields, trusting them is much easier. 

What’s more, working in a coworking space creates a playground in which you can compare your knowledge and talent with other people and form healthy competitions with them. This kind of competition propels you forward and allows you to constantly stay at the top of your game. 

There is a secure internet connection

The internet costs more and more each day. There is also the matter of internet security and the confidentiality of your work. Shared workspaces can provide you with free and secure Wi-Fi. This little service can go a long way and make your professional life much easier. 

When you use the internet at home, you know that the other family members are also using the connection to do other things. This might cause breaches in the security of the connection since many inexpert people do not know what links to avoid. Using the internet connection at the coworking space releases you of such worries and allows you to use the internet without fear of information leaks. 

It helps you get out of the house in the morning 

Are you a morning person or a night person? If you are a morning person, you would have no problem getting out of bed and into the office. However, it’s quite an ordeal for night people to get up and get out of bed. Finding enough motivation to turn your laptop on and concentrate on work might sometimes be even impossible.

Having a reason to get out of the house, on the other hand, allows you to focus on the act of getting ready and getting out. When you get out of the house and breathe the fresh morning air, all thoughts of sleep and staying in bed would leave your mind. 

Additionally, in a coworking space, your hours are pretty flexible. Therefore, you can set a regular time to show up at your desk every day. This regularity enables you to maintain a routine in your life and make time for activities other than work. Still, it also prevents you from interrupting your natural sleeping cycles and dealing with the consequences of sleep deprivation. 

It keeps you from domestic distractions

Staying home to work mean that you are constantly available to your family, and they can come to you if there is any chatter or problem they want to share. This, obviously, causes too many interruptions to your workflow. What’s more, family members might feel the need to feed you with unwanted snacks and drinks that make you too full and sleepy. 

Additionally, the brain has the capability of associating different places with feelings. For instance, the living room usually puts the brain in the family interaction mode, and the bedroom prepares the brain to get some rest. Therefore, unless there is an office in your home that you do nothing else in, the other rooms might not be fit for any work. 

There is no social media to tempt you

The human brain has evolved itself into responding to notifications immediately! This shows the extent to which social media has infiltrated our daily lives. It sure is nice to be available to family and co-workers, but too many interruptions and distractions can cause severe dents in the quality of your work. 

Working in a shared workspace can keep you focused on the work for longer periods. This happens by seeing other people focus on their work. Another cause of the longer spans of time is that you feel obligated by the office’s atmosphere not to disturb others by allowing loud notifications on your phone. 

 Final thoughts 

Working as a remote worker or a freelancer usually comes with its own set of unique challenges. From not being able to concentrate at home to having difficulty finding a quiet room for you to hold your meeting, these are all issues that can hinder the easy workflow you are used to. 

A straightforward response to the need for working in peace and quiet is using a coworking space. The great appeal of these spaces is that it is filled with professional people who have come together for the sole purpose of working. 

The friendships and connections formed in shared working spaces can last you a lifetime and come to your aid when you need a professional to assist you in a new challenge. Also, the various facilities at your disposal in these places make sure that your work is done with as few challenges as possible. 

Gone are the days that you had to work for a company in your city or move out because of a job opportunity. Many options are available now.
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